My Grandmother

My Grandmother…

With all that is going on in the world these days, I thought a little bit of inspiration would go a long way for people.

My grandmother, a 97 year old widow whose husband (my grandfather) witnessed the attack of Pearl Harbor while serving in the U.S. Army has a long history of crafting. She lives in Ridge, New York. Every week since the onset of Covid 19, she has been hand making yarn hats and blankets. She’s made over 60 of them this year with her friends!

She then, (at 97) drives herself to my mother’s house where she then gives them to a neighbor who then brings them to local shelters, where the neighbor volunteers. They also get distributed to first time mothers so their babies can have a blanket!

In years past, she made blankets for Vietnam Vets, wool hat inserts for troops, and dolls for children in Dominican Republic to play with. All out of kind donations from local Vermonters and people on Long Island where she lives.

If you would like to donate yarn to her cause, Please send it directly to her at:

Ann Nardeli
162 C Falmouth Court
Ridge NY, 11961

Thank you for all the donations sent so far – they are for an excellent cause!


1270 Rabbit Hollow Road
Northfield, VT 05663